About Us

Mission Statement

We work together to achieve better patient outcomes and to reduce health inequalities.

Aiming to be valued and trusted by patients and colleagues, we strive to use our skills in the most cost effective way, to be innovative, creative and solution focused, to co-design and co-produce with our local community, to promote happiness and wellbeing in the workplace for our staff and to be efficient and safe.

NeoHealth aspires to influence collectively and to take pride in our people and in our work.

Our Aims

  • To Achieve Better Patient Outcomes And To Reduce Health Inequalities
  • To Be Valued And Trusted By Patients And Colleagues
  • Strive To Use Our Skills in The Most Effective Way
  • To Be Innovative
  • To Be Creative
  • Solution Focussed
  • To Co-Design And Co-Produce With Our Local Community
  • To Promote Happiness And Wellbeing In The Workplace For Our Staff
  • To Be Efficient And Safe
  • To Influence Collectively And To Take Prode In Our People And In Our Work

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